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Well, I know just how important a decision to switch over to an electric tankless hot water heater is.

These products not only perform a crucial function in the household, but at their price point they represent a real investment and they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you’ve been on the internet for any period of time you know there are a ton of different sites with all kinds of opinions about these products.

It can be overwhelming and mind numbing to try to sift through all of the information.

So to respect your time and not try to overwhelm you with useless information, this review gives you everything you need to make an informed buying decision, right here, right now.

No need to browse dozens of other sites.

So with that said let’s get started with the features of this whole house electric tankless water heater.

Eco 27 Features:

Digital Temperature Control – Being able to control the temperature of your hot water is key feature of any whole house tankless water heater. Being able to do so digitally in one degree increments is a definite bonus. The Eco 27 comes with a digital control pad that makes adjusting water temperature as easy as changing the temperature on your A/C.

Copper And Stainless Components – The materials used in the construction of your tankless electric hot water heater are important to the overall quality and durability of the product. If you see a super low priced one out there you can rest assured it’s probably made from cheap materials to reduce costs and lower prices. The Eco 27 uses all copper and stainless internal components. The makes the machine durable and efficient. If something should go wrong these components are also readily available and easily replaced.

Compact Size – The best electric tankless water heater will have a small form factor which will make it easy to install and allow you for much more storage space than a normal water heater.

Works With Incoming Water Temps As Low As 37 Degrees – One of the main hot water whole house electric tankless water heaterheater problems is that they aren’t able to keep water hot if the incoming water temperature is too low. This means you end up having to reduce flow or simply put up with lukewarm water. The Eco 27 is rated to flow 3 hot gallons per minute with an incoming water temperature as low as 37 degrees. This is equivalent to running two showers on full blast at the same time. This is a great feature if you live in the northern part of the US.

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Flows Even More In Warmer Climates – If you live in the southern US you’re in luck because this electric water heater tankless flows up to 6 gallons per minute with warmer incoming temperatures. This is the equivalent of running four showers and a sink all at the same time and having an unending supply of hot water.

So now that we’ve gone over the features of this product let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I’m sure you already know that no product is perfect no matter how well marketed it is. So let’s go over both the pros and the cons of the Eco 27.

The Pro’s And Con’s


Save Money – These types of water heaters only work when there is hot water needed. This means there is no energy being used when you’re not running hot water. This reduces costs to the tune of up to 50% saved in water heating costs.

Save Space – The Eco 27 is very compact and provides a huge space saving over a normal hot water heater. This allows you to have more storage space to use in your utility closet or room for other things.

Save Energy – The Eco 27 has built-in self-modulating technology. In layman’s terms, this technology makes sure that it does not use any more power than necessary during its operation. This is a great feature if you consider yourself an environmentally conscious person.


Needs Specific Power Supply To Work Correctly – When it comes to the tankless water heater installation of the Eco 27 you’re going to need a specific power supply in order for it to function correctly. You’re going to need 27 kW, 240 volts, Single phase power coming in. You’ll need 3 x 40 circuit breakers. The unit uses a 112.5 maximum power draw (Amps) so you’ll need 8 AWG wire. It is vital that you verify you have these electrical requirements; otherwise the unit will not function properly.

Warranty Is Only Valid If You Use Professionals – Without a warranty the water heater replacement cost can be huge. The Eco 27 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty but there is some fine print. Upon reading the fine print it is necessary for the unit to be installed by a professional plumber and professional electrician. They both need to sign the warranty card as well. If you attempt self-installation your unit will not be covered by the warranty.

Electric vs Gas

During your research you may have come across a gas tankless hot water heater or maybe even a tankless propane water heater. Companies like Takagi who make several different Takagi tankless water heaters are exclusively using gas power for all their units. But is gas better than electrical when it comes to tankless water heaters?

While the units may be comparable in price, for most people, the cost of installing a gas tankless water heater is going to be high. Installing an electrical water heater is going to be a cheaper option.  With this in mind, it quickly becomes clear that this option is a better overall investment.

Can It Be Used In An RV?

Is the Eco 27 a RV tankless water heater? Unfortunately the unit requires more power than an RV’s electrical system can provide.

How Does It Stack Up To Competitors

One big question that most people have when buying one of these is that they want to know how it stacks up to the competing products in the market place. There are many manufacturers of these units some of the most popular being a Titan tankless water heater and a Marey tankless water heater. So how does the Eco 27 stack up?

Well, for one you’re going to pay about the same price for a heater with these specifications no matter who the manufacturer is. So why should you choose the Eco 27? Well, like we mentioned before this product is efficient and ultra-durable due to its internals being made of copper and stainless materials. You won’t get this same level of build quality for the price if you shop with any other brand.

What’s The Verdict

With tankless water heater prices being what they are, it is my opinion, that you won’t find a better deal for a heater if you need its flow specifications. You can save money, save space, and save energy all at the same time. If you are going to get this heater, I’d suggest you do so through Amazon, who always has the best prices, cheapest, and fastest shipping. They are also world renown for their customer service and easy return policy. So if you’re ready to get some hot water in your home click here now.

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